Iwona Czubek

Country: Poland 🇵🇱

I am an amateur photographer residing in Cerekiew, a small town near Radom in Poland. Most of my photographs are captured in this local setting. My primary focus lies in capturing the beauty of my immediate environment, including forests, gardens, and their inhabitants. Nonetheless, the most gratifying aspect of my photography journey is reviving old, forgotten objects through still life photography. Frequently, I receive objects that are entirely unfamiliar to me, prompting me to ponder their past and history. I imagine their previous owners and contemplate how they were cherished. These objects seem to carry the essence of their past within them. The moment I hold one of these items in my hands, it's akin to opening a book and starting to read. A narrative slowly unfolds.

As for the source of my photography ideas, they tend to arise organically, usually after my initial interaction with a particular object. These concepts develop on their own, often stemming from the first encounter with the subject. These are the stories that I tell through my photography.