Iwona Czubek

Country: Poland 🇵🇱

I am an amateur photographer. I live in Poland in a small town – Cerekiew near Radom, and it is here that most of my photographs are made. I focus mainly on photographing the closest surroundings, forest and garden; its inhabitants and plants. However, the thing that gives me the most satisfaction is giving a second life to old, forgotten objects in still life photography. Often, I receive object that are completely foreign to me, and I wonder about their fate and history. I imagine people who owned them, I imagine how they were treated. All this is written in the soul of the object. The moment I take the item to my hand for the first time, it’s as if I started reading a book. The story is slowly being born.
Where do I get ideas for photography? The idea comes alone, almost always after the first contact with a given thing. These are my photographic stories…