Stas Bartnikas

Country: Russia 🇷🇺

Stas Bartnikas, 47, aerial photographer based in Moscow. Photography is a serious part of his life that combines his love of travelling with a passion for aviation.
Stas is convinced that Mother Nature is the most sophisticated painter and he sees it as his mission to capture its beauty in its perfect form and convey its powerful energy. He calls his style of photography “aero-art”.
His shots were published in magazines across Russia and Europe such as Sunday Times Travel magazine, Maxim, GEO, Bild, View, L’Officiel Voyage, Vanity Fair and were featured in National Geographic’s Photo of the Day and Daily Dozen rubrics number of times. He is Currently he is a contributor for @natgeoyourshot. Some of his works are represented in London based Avivson gallery. Some are part of privately owned collections. He also won more than 170 awards at the prestigious contests, such as Natgeo Travel, IPA, TIFA, MIFA, PX3, Siena International Photo Awards.