Ângela Ferreira

Country: Portugal 🇵🇹

Ângela Berlinde (Porto, 1975) is a portuguese artist and independent curator in
Photography, with a PhD in Visual Communication focusing on photopainting and
self-representation of indigenous peoples in Brazil from the University of Minho,
Portugal. She is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the School of Fine Arts of the Federal
University of Rio de Janeiro, conducting studies on contemporary visual practices
that problematize the hybrid forms of Photography, intersecting with other
languages such as Painting, Cinema, and Literature. Over the past decade, she
has curated contemporary photography exhibitions throughout Europe, Asia, and
Latin American countries. She is co-founder of Festival Encontros da Imagem in
Braga, in which she collaborated as general and artistic director. Currently she an
independent curator of international festivals and exhibitions, with emphasis on
Solar FotoFestival in Brazil and the Photography Museum in Fortaleza, Brazil. She
is an Adjunct Professor at the Lusófona University of Lisbon, where she
coordinates the Educational Program in Photobooks and co-founder of
Nervo_Observatório de Fotolivros Portugueses (2022).