Emre Kuheylan

Country: Turkey 🇹🇷

Emre Küheylan started his professional photography career in Hamburg- based Gruppe28 Photo
Agency. His articles and photographs have been published in various news, travel, culture and art
magazines in many countries. His photographic works have been exhibited in various galleries and
festivals in Italy, China, Singapore, the United Kingdom and the United States.
In 2009, he started to work as PhotoWorld Magazine's Representative and interviewed with many
photographers, including Steve McCurry and Stuart Franklin for the Magazine. He organized Randy
Olson (National Geographic) and Ron Haviv (VII) exhibitions held at Istanbul PhotoWorld Photography
Center. He curated “Without Borders” themed screenings with the participation of 13 international
photographers as part of “Our Life is Photography” Photo Festival held at CKM, Istanbul.
In 2011, Emre Küheylan founded the Artlica Agency, which represents more than 30 art photographers
worldwide. The artists he has represented took part in many exhibitions and festivals such as the
Istanbul Design Biennial. Also, Artlica organized several international photography events.
In following years, he started Globalica, editorial branch of the agency. Globalica represented Camera
Press (United Kingdom), Agentur Focus (Germany), Anzenberger Agency (Austria) and Agence VU
(France) in Turkey. Globalica was providing news contents for magazines and newspapers.
Emre Küheylan is working as lecturer of photography and media at Izmir University of Economics since
2015. He is also the Vice Director of Vocational School and Coordinator of Communication and Design
Programs. He curated several exhibitions and festivals recently including Fotofestiwal Lodz (theme:
Supernatural), Photolux Festival Lucca (theme: You can call it love), Porto Photo Fest (theme:
Overcrowding) and International Z Photography Festival (theme: Oxygen). He is also a jury member of
International Photography Awards (IPA), Tokyo International Foto Awards, Asian Press Photo and
reFocus Awards.