Kristine Nydahl

Country: Denmark 🇩🇰

Kristine Nydahl is a danish self-portrait artist.

Nydahl has been drawn to creating and storytelling her whole life, and her fascination with the darker parts of being human goes a long way back. As a young girl she wrote dark and gloomy stories of heartache, abuse and suicide, dreaming of becoming a writer.

Her passion for creation and the need to express her rich and tumultuous inner life grew bigger with time. For years she drew pictures and sew clothes, wrote poems and songs, played music, sang, filmed, painted and photographed. As a hurricane, she blew from one medium and idea to the next, never settling long enough to find her true passion, except expression.

Her love for writing led Nydahl to choose an education in journalism. When working for local newspapers, she often supplied photographs for articles herself. She quickly fell in love with the visual part of storytelling. This sparked her interest in photography.

Nydahl’s work is very personal. She uses her art to express her thoughts and emotions in the hopes of evoking emotions in the viewer as well. Her work is often moody and melancholic. She finds beauty in sadness, fragility and darkness.

Her art, style and technique is growing and evolving as she grows as a person. The one constant is her solitary way of creating.

The need to express herself in many different ways never faded. Through images, words and music she bares her thoughts and feelings as a self-portrait artist and as a composer, singer and musician.