Iordanis Keramidas

Country: Greece 🇬🇷

Born and live in Athens Greece.
Looking back, I see myself with a camera in my hand, hard to remember how or when, but for sure it conquered me. Ι would rather say it is a tendency of myself which couldn't remain trapped.
I enjoy shooting in abandoned buildings, i find them interesting, they create memories of what it used to be once, they have an allurement which fascinates me. For me Important is, to integrate the shooting concept with the surrounding area in order to have the ideal result.
I love conceptual photography. Rather than two-dimensional, soundless images, conceptual photographs are full of meaning, using creativity to evoke abstract ideas and emotions like love, nostalgia, loneliness as well as social issues through a different eye.
I have participated in various exhibitions and preparing my first personal in 2022.