Radin Badrnia

Country: Iran 🇮🇷

My name is Radin Badrnia. Born in 1987, a Kurdish from Mahabad, Iran. My 7 years-experience as a freelance photographer has exposed me to different photography techniques and unique vision. I have had a wide array of subjects; Portraits of normal people, many fine art and conceptual works. I have produced quality cover arts for freelance musicians in my city and more than 110 photos has been published by curators in the 1X online curated website gallery and also many other awards and qualifications such as:
Master of Arts in English Literature/ 2017
Conceptual Winner in 1X Photography Awards 2017/2018
2nd Prize in Professional Conceptual Category in Monochrome Photography Awards 2017
Honorable Mention in Conceptual Category in Monovisions Photography Awards 2017
Nominee in Conceptual Category in Fine Art Photography Awards 2017
Honorable Mention in Fine Art: Conceptual Category in ND Awards 2016