Ron Mayhew

Country: United States 🇺🇸

Ron Mayhew is an artist and photographer living in Bradenton, Florida. Though a native Floridian, Ron spent thirty years in the mountains of Western North Carolina. He built a log cabin, the family home, and pursued a successful career as a wildlife sculptor winning national and international recognition. Photography was a vital part of his sculpting process. Most of the reference material used for conceiving and refining his creations were his own photographs. Ron also meticulously kept a photographic record of each completed sculpture.
Today, Ron continues his exploration of the three-dimensional object through still life photography. Often compared to the painters of the Dutch Golden Age, his still life images are the result of precisely lighting the painstakingly created tableaux. Photographing and processing the digital image completes the process.
Ron’s photography has been recognized in several national and international competitions and has been featured in numerous magazine and newspaper articles. Additionally, his images have been published in seven books, including “The Streets of Paris”, featuring 148 of his Paris street scenes.