Erica Ferraroni

Country: Italy 🇮🇹

Erica Ferraroni is a photographer and stylist based in northern Italy, near Venice.
The passion for photography crept into her life since she was a child; she spent hours in the darkroom with her father, observing and assimilating everything she saw.

At 20, she decided that this would become her profession.
Between Florence, Milan and Los Angeles she had the opportunity to study analogue and digital photography, specializing in medium and large format. Meanwhile, she collaborated with many photographers, a Marie Claire Maison interior stylist and several photographic studios. This apprenticeship gave her the opportunity to experiment with all fields of photography but it took many years to find her way ...

Her adventure in food photography began less than two years ago and, through a careful selection of colors, textures, special atmospheres and natural light, she found the language to fully express herself.

Thanks to her images she carry forward not only an aesthetic coherence that reflects her but also a series of principles and values ​​that are very dear to her. Sustainability, respect for the environment around us and support for women are some of them.