Marcin Gorski

Country: Poland 🇵🇱

Photographer keen on traditional, analogue medium and large format photography. Interested in issues on the border of the document and sociological record, and architecture.

Participated in around 70 individual and collective exhibitions in France, Portugal, Sweden, Poland, Montenegro, UK, USA, Italy, Japan and Georgia. His works were published in several books and art magazines. Co-author of two photodocumentary books "Madeiro" (Portugal) and "Balcerek" (Poland).
Awarded and nominee in several contests and festival, for example, International Biennale of Architecture in Kraków, Biennale Space Definition in Kielce, Kolga Awards, Black & White Spider Awards.
Member of Polish Association of Fine Art Photographers (ZPAF).

In the past, member of international photo-groups and associations as gruppo F (Sweden), Pontos da Vista, Fotoalternativa, Agencia Calipo (Portugal), KGF Collective (Poland).
Curator and popularizer of photography. Creator and president of Gliwice House of Photography.
Co-organizer of Gliwice Month of Photography (2007 and 2008).
Organizer and curator of several exhibitions (for example, Ami Vitale, Michał Łuczak, Mariusz Forecki).
One of the editors of The F Blog and Miejsce Fotografii blogs.
Co-editor of Fotoindex magazine (Poland) and correspondent of Camera.doc magazine (Portugal).