Daniela Pucci

Country: Italy 🇮🇹

My name is Daniela Pucci and I come from the sinuous Tuscan hills, in Italy. I was born near what I consider the cradle of art, that is Florence, and it is there that I began my journey in this path by studying art and graphic arts. During my years of study in Florence, I was stopped several times on the street by talent scouts who convinced me to try modeling. That path turned out to be, right from the start, totally distant from my personality, however it allowed me to discover a world that intrigued me, only that I was on the wrong side! I observed the photographer in front of me, his movements, the lights and slowly I understood the extent of what I saw and how much this could blend perfectly with my creativity.
My favorite genres are fashion, portrait and conceptual. I have always loved the surrealist movement in art and I always try to put a note on it in my photos.