Stuart Long

Country: United States 🇺🇸

Photography is not my career choice, it is my singular passion.

What started in my youth as looking at photos and not understanding 'why' some where better than others, ultimately turned an initial curiosity into a lifelong quest to understand and visually make sense of the world around me through a camera's lens.

I've never considered myself an artist, only someone who is deeply affected by visual and emotional stimulus. I fundamentally enjoy the feelings and emotions I experience when envisioning the final image. The experience to go from thought to holding a photo in my hands is what drives my desire to learn and only temporarily satiates my never ending thirst to create more.

I will forever consider myself an amateur photographer relative to the science and art of photography, which I didn't take seriously until 2015. No matter how much of the science I master, it's the art that will keep my quest forever young.

Although I'm drawn to fine art genre of long exposure B&W architecture, my style remains style'less as my growth as an artist is continuously evolving.