Helmut Oberritter

Country: Germany 🇩🇪

Dr. Helmut Oberritter, born in 1953, worked as a nutritionist. He discovered photography for himself in his youth. The desire to be “on the go” coincided with the passion for photography. He is currently particularly enthusiastic about “street photography”. Capturing scenes, people, objects or situations in public space is an honest, candid form of photography in which capturing the right moment is crucial. Street photography therefore requires a high level of presence, a feeling for the development of situations, a quick reaction time and, above all, a desire to get involved in the city, the people, the lively life and to capture fleeting moments. In addition, he devotes himself to architectural photography and nature photography. Oberritter was for years the chairman of the Photo Club Bad Godesberg and actively participates in competitions and exhibitions. Many pictures have been awarded. He is a member of the German Association for Photography (DVF), he presented his pictures in numerous exhibitions.