özge Ergin

Country: Turkey 🇹🇷

I studied at Anadolu University Open Education Faculty, Photo-Camera Operation and Trakya
University Tourism. I worked as a broadcast and production assistant in a production company.
I continued my work by photographing the media guests. I worked as a photographer by the agency
in the Istanbul European Capital of Culture project. I worked as a campaign photographer in the
mayor elections. I continued my work in various agencies and I have national and international
photography awards. I have been photographing gypsies for eleven years. In 2013, my documentary
about transgender people was released at the International Labor Film-Video Festival. My personal
photo exhibition was held under the sponsorship of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality(2020). In
2021, my photography exhibition (gypsy story) was published at the Bursa International Photography
Festival. I work on documentary photography. My documentary photography work on Single Rooms
in Istanbul Tarlabaşı continues. I am currently teaching photography at the public education center.