Carine Van gerven

Country: Belgium 🇧🇪

Carine Van Gerven (b. 1966) studied art and painting. Connecting people through art and creating projects is one of her goals. After her graduation, she became an art teacher in a secondary art school in Overpelt, Belgium. As an artist, she organised several projects and participated in many exhibitions in Belgium, France and Serbia. She is also the Chairman and creative lead of the international fotofestival 'Lens op de Mens' in Pelt which she founded in 2017.
Carine Van Gerven, official FEP art photographer from Belgium, takes inspiration from 17th century paintings, like Rembrandt. Her works were exhibited in Saint-Tropez in the gallery of Paul and Sandy Janssen (2020) and in the Vizualizator festival in Belgrade in 2021.