Olga Rudenok

Country: Russia 🇷🇺

Once my Teacher of Photography and Friend, the famous Russian photographer and operator Vadim Piskarev, said: “In our world, the reasons don’t actually lead to the reasonable investigation, but wherever they go”. This is exactly how it went for me. Doing law as my major, being a mother and a once failed artist, for one of my daughter's birthdays, I was presented the simplest camera by my husband to preserve important moments of my child’s life.

I have never studied in special educational institutions for photographers and I have no professional education in this area, and to be honest, I would hardly have shot as I shoot, if not a chance meeting with Vadim. The hours and days that I spent in his small studio on Prospekt Mira, when I was learning to understand the nature of light, and sometimes thinking that this is impossible, just as it is impossible to see the wind, merged into years over time and now I can’t remember, whether there was once differently.

Firstly, photography, as a way of self-expression for me, is Beauty - of light, colour, shape. Beauty is not just an argument - it is a meaning. We live in an imperfect and sometimes very cruel world - let there be more Beauty in it.