Tomas Tison

Country: Czech Republic 🇨🇿

I was born in Pilsen in Czech Republic but now I live in Nyrany near Pilsen. Photography has been my hobby since 2010 when I bought a digital compact camera. I was so much excited about the first images that photography became my no.1 hobby. A year later, I sold the camera and bought a new digital SLR camera. I’ve always been a lover of nature and its beauties. Logically, landscape and nature rank among my favourite topics. Thanks to photography, I see the world that surrounds me differently than before. Photography has made me think about things I ignored in the past. Currently, I dedicate most of my time to black-and-white photography. Shades of black and white adding dramatic accents to a photo, help better express my intentions and enhance the rendering of my vision. These are the photos, in which I frequently use a combination of long exposure with a minimalist composition.