Leka Huie

Country: Hong Kong 🇭🇰

Leka Huie is a Hong Kong native, and very interested in many different kind of photography. During 90’s, he graduated in Creative Photography from Humber College , Toronto, Canada. Within the same year, he received the Student of the Year awarded by Professional Photographer of Ontario (PPO). He really love all the beautiful images in the world !
-Refocus Award 2023 (USA): World Photo Annual- Discovery of the Year-Advertising & Commercial
-New York Photography Award 2022: Category Winner of the Year-Commercial Photography
-New York Photography Award 2022: Gold Winner- Special Photography - Long Exposure Photography
-London Photography Award 2022: Category Winner of the Year-Commercial Photography
-London Photography Award 2022: Platinum Winner- Nature Photography Under Water
-International Photography Award IPA 2020 (USA):Advertising Music: 1st Place
-International Photography Award IPA
2021(USA):Advertising :Advertising-Brands
campaign: 2nd Place
-International Photography Award IPA 2019 (USA):Advertising food: 2nd Place
-Tokyo International Foto Award(TIFA)(Japan):2019 Advertising: Catergory 1st Winner and Gold Award
-Tokyo International Foto Award(TIFA)(Japan):2022: Advertising: Food : Two Silver Award
-Budapest International Foto Award(BIFA)2020 :Advertising Music: Gold Award
-Budapest International Foto Award(BIFA)2023 :Advertising Food: Silver Award
-Moscow International Foto Awards(MIFA)(Moscow)2021
:Advertising Food Gold Award
-Moscow International Foto Awards(MIFA)(Moscow)2020: Nature Gold Award
-Moscow International Foto Awards(MIFA)(Moscow)2020 :Advertising Food Silver Award
-PX3(FRA) 2021:Advertising Product Gold award
-PX3(FRA) 2020:Advertising Music Silver award
-PX3(FRA) 2019:Advertising Food Silver award
-ThePhotograph Award (USA) 2019: Still Life : Golden Award
-Camelback Gallery’s Architecture Photography Competition 2019 (USA): Best in Show Award
-Kenko/Tokina - Kenko International Filter Photo Contest (IFPC)(Japan):2014 Close-Up Award , 2017 Excellent Award
-Umbra International Award(USA) 2018 Professional Advertising Product : Second Place
-The 2017 Vita International beekeeping photo competition (EUR,UK): Winner of the Year 2017
-35 Awards (Russia) 2017 Architectural photography Contest : Second Prize
- London Photo Festival photo 19& 20 Zurich’s " Directors Choice Series " 2018&2019 Winner
-Good Light 2023: Nature: IAAP Gold Medal
-Cheltenham International Salon of Photography 2020(UK) : Nature : The Photographic Alliance of Great Britain PAGB Gold Medal
- German International DVF-Photocup 2020 (Germany) : Nature : Two GIP Gold Medal
-6th International digital Salon of photography--This is Life 2020 (Finland)-- Nature: FIAP GOLD
-International Salon Of Art Photograpy SMEDEREVO Village 2020(Serbia) : Nature : PSA Gold Medal
-1st SMS Salon Belgrade Serbia PHOTO International Salon of Photography (Serbia) : Nature : GPU Gold Medal
- The International exhibition of art photography Prilep Salon 2019 (North Macedonia) Nature section: NATIONAL Gold Medal
- Odessos Photo Exhibition (BULGARIA) 2018:Creative: PSA Gold Medal
- The PhotoArt PRAGUE International Salon is exhibition of art photography(Czech Republic): Nature : IAAP Silver Medal
- 15th Orhan Holding-IPC 2019(Turkey)OpenColor :FIAP Silver Medal
-The International exhibition of art photography Astibo Salon 2019 – Viva la linea(Macedonia) : City Section: Salon Silver Medal
-The Fifth&Sixth International Photo Salon Plovdiv (BULGARIA) ,2018: Nature: FIAP Bronze medal, My Town:diplomas 2019: My Town: FIAP Bronze Medal, Nature:diplomas
-Academy of Photography Bulgaria(APB)-The Wild 2017-Animal:APB Silver medal
-Golden Orchid Photo Award (USA)Wildlife2017:Bronze Award
-Milset International Science Photo Contest(UK): 2016 Gold Award
-ZSL(UK):London Zoo International Animal Photography Prize 2016 Meaningful:Running Up Award
-The Natural World Contest 2015 Judged by Digital Photographer Magazine.UK : First Prize
-Viewbug(USA) Viewbug People's Choice Award in Spring 2015 Photo Contest, Grand Jury Award 2016 Oceanfront Cities Photo Contest
-Manfrotto (Italy)- City contest 2014: First Prize
-The Photographic Angle(UK)-2016 Urban Street Art :Second Prize,2018 Exposure : First Prize
- Hong Kong North District Flower Show Photo Contest: 2013 and 2014 : First Prize,2014 : Second Prize ,2015 and 2017 : Third Prize
-Sony(Hong Kong)- Hong Kong Sony Photo Contest 2012: Third Prize
-National Geographic(HK)2018: Mobile Third Place