Artur Magdziarz

Country: Poland 🇵🇱

I was born in 1961 in Lublin (Poland). I am currently working as a photographer and private entrepreneur. I photograph for hotels, restaurants, food and in my spare time I like to deal with all kinds of architecture, landscape and reportage. Travel has always been crucial in my life as it brings new people, new places and new situations. For these three things, I have already seen half the world. Two Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia, including traveling across two oceans. New meetings allowed me to understand the challenges of human nature, new places to pursue my passion, such as photography, new situations give me experiences so necessary in everyday life. Nobody can take away from us what we have seen and lived. I am an artist photographer, winner of many competitions, author of an exhibitions and organizer of over 100 open-air photography sesion. I have been in Tuscany every year for 14 years with a camera in my hand. La Bella Toscana!