Shubhodeep Roy

Country: India 🇮🇳

Shubhodeep Roy, a 22-year-old internationally acclaimed photographer hailing from Kolkata, India, is a captivating storyteller through the lens. His journey in photography commenced at a tender age, evolving into an unwavering passion that has become the cornerstone of his life.

Roy's commitment to social responsibility is evident in his photographic endeavors. His lens serves as a powerful tool to illuminate pressing societal issues, encompassing human rights, migration dynamics, and the urgent realities of climate change. His extensive documentary work delves deep into the lives of individuals, weaving compelling narratives that resonate with the human experience.

Renowned for projects such as 'The Migrant Workers of India,' 'The Rising Tide: Life Along the Ganges,' and 'Varanasi: A Place Where Death Is Celebrated,' Roy showcases a dedication to exploring the diverse facets of existence. Each project reflects his keen eye for storytelling and a profound understanding of the world's multifaceted nature.

Although currently employed as a Senior Officer at Bandhan Bank, Roy's passion for photography remains at the forefront of his pursuits. He adeptly merges his skills and unwavering dedication, aiming to make a meaningful impact both professionally and artistically. Roy eagerly seeks collaborations and connections with fellow visionaries, aiming to foster positive change through his art.

Presently residing in his hometown of Kolkata, India, Shubhodeep Roy continues to push boundaries in the realms of photography and academia, enriching both domains with his distinctive perspective and unwavering dedication to his craft.