Sergio Bruno

Country: Italy 🇮🇹

My name is Sergio Bruno and I was born in 1974.
My true passion is people. I have always been fascinated by our passage on this world – the difficulties and joys of life. The
camera has become the instrument with which I express my love of life.
With photography I have the opportunity to freeze an instant or express my vision of those aspects of human existence which
I find marvellous.
In 2009, after 15 years of a soulless job, I dropped everything to dedicate myself to professional photography. I studied live
performance photography with Silvia Lelli at IED Milan and since then I regularly attend courses and workshops for all genres.
In 2012 I received the QIP and QEP (Qualified Italian/ EuropeanPhotographer ).
In 2016 I specialised in antique photography, in particular the wet plate collodion technique, which I call slow photography.
In 2018 begins the path Photo and Spirit with Giulia Bianchi
Silver Wedding FIIPA 2014, Bronz Portrait FIIPA 2014, honorable mention Nude IPA 2018
honorable mention Portrait IPA 2018, Silver and bronz categoria Nude FIIPA 2019