Salvo Moroni

Country: Italy 🇮🇹

The first time I opened my eyes I was in a small Sicilian village on the slopes of volcano Etna.
Over the years, I was attracted to observe the beauty of shapes, colors and emotions of what surrounded me. A growing desire to capture those and to make them timeless was born inside me.
So I became passionate about painting and began to study its forms and lights, with a particular fondness for Kandinsky and Klee. I then approached the lesson of the great photographers of Life and Magnum Photos, and then I became passionate about the Bressonian philosophy of the "decisive moment".
Specialized in wedding reportage, for over 15 years I have been photographing Italian and international couples and I became a member of the Wedding PhotoJournalist Association (WPJA) of the Association National Wedding Photographers (ANFM) and the National Association of Professional Photographers (TauVisual). Over the years I have received highly prestigious national and international awards for the creative quality of my photography. Nowadays I’m proudly considered one of the leading Italian wedding photographers.