Sharon Cosgrove

Country: United Kingdom 🇬🇧

Sharon Cosgrove is a food photographer based in Belfast in the north of Ireland. Her style, which fuses rich colour with bold contrast, shows a real passion for creativity. Her use of a vivid palette allows her images to pop.

Sharons journey towards food photography started with her degree at University of Ulster when she studied Visual Communications. After graduating in 2004 she landed her first job as a trainee photographer with a leading portrait studio learning the fundamentals of studio lighting and how to get the best out of her subjects.

After 6 years as a portrait photographer Sharon moved on her next photography job for a jewellery company. Shooting product was a whole new world for her but she adapted and grew her skill set over the next few years.

Sharon began to specialise in food photography in 2013 as she realised this was where her passion lay and what brought her the most enjoyment. Sharon currently works closely with many local and national brands and advertising agencies.