Isabella Tabacchi

Country: Italy 🇮🇹

Born in 1992, Isabella Tabacchi is a landscape photographer based in the north of Italy. Her photography and art are the result of her need to explore the natural places and capture these landscapes from her personal point of view. Isabella always looks for new ways to see the different environments like leading lines, elements in the foreground, natural frames. By the use of luminosity masks, in the editing phase of her work, she improves the mood, the essence and the emotions captured.
Isabella explored and studied the boundless sceneries in the Alps, especially the Italian Dolomites.
Her need to visit and discover new places and unknown environments brought her to the Far East of Russia, in the Kamchatka peninsula, where, together with two local guides, she ventured into the pristine and dangerous nature of those territories, among forests and volcanoes.
Other destinations visited by Isabella include Lofoten Islands, Canary Islands, Iceland and Namibia.
Since 2016 Isabella won many international competitions including Monochrome Awards, International Photographer of the Year awards (IPOTY), Outdoor Photographer of the Year (OPOTY), Fine Art Photography Awards, Moscow International Photo Awards, Epson International Pano Awards (Highest scoring Gigapixel Image), ND Awards, Tokyo Foto Awards. In 2020 she has been awarded as Photographer of the Year 2020 in the Moscow International Foto Awards.
Judge of the Epson International Pano Awards competition, one of the most important photographic competitions in the world and at the Chania International Photo Festival.
Isabella has a partnership with Hasselblad, historical brand in the production of medium format cameras, and is ambassador of Haida filter, Fotopro tripods, Irix Lens.