Lex eliot Rose

Country: Sweden 🇸🇪

Lex Eliot Rose investigates the relations between body and power. With the goal of inclusion, they criticise norms and attitudes in society and ask us to reflect about our positions and responsibilities towards each other. Lex Eliot Rose works in the borderland between photography and performance. Through a mainly emotional communication they reveal the politics of what´s considered personal.

“As a gender queer person, the body and the symbolism society places upon it, is constantly present. By staging self-portraits, I reclaim the power of my own body. “

Lex Eliot Rose´s artwork has been shown in exhibitions in South Korea, United Kingdom as well as in Sweden (their place of birth). 2018 they finished two year of Fine Art education at Önnestads folkhögskola, Sweden and started the same year the bachelor programme in Fine Art Photography at Valand Academy, Gothenburg university. In spring 2020 they decided to continue their art career free from the institution.