Giovanni alfredo Scribano

Country: Germany 🇩🇪

"Dead flowers acquire new visual dimensions. Much like living forms coming from other planets. The meaning: even death can look “fascinating!" says the photographer Giovanni A. Scribano about his Morbose beauties. Giovanni A. Scribano was born in Palazzolo Acreide in the province of Syracuse in the Autonomous Region of Sicily, Italy on 14 August 1954. After studying literature at the University of Padua, he was a farmer and carpenter in Tuscany for 12 years before moving to Berlin 24 years ago.
Here he began to gain a foothold as an assistant to an architectural photographer and subsequently as a theatre photographer, including photographic services for Italian and German magazines. This was followed by photo exhibitions such as "The World of Film Behind the Camera" and "The Body and the Senses" (nude photography). His next photo exhibition will take place in September 2018 in Berlin, with the title: "Dead flowers" or "Stil (l) live". On display are real photo prints behind acrylic glass.
We wanted to know details about the Dead Flowers project from Giovanni. "From a technical point of view, it took many months to achieve the desired quality and intensity. I had to learn to 'accompany' the flowers to death, to 'help' the flowers to die in the right way.' he replies, adding: 'Dead flowers are given new visual dimensions. Similar to living forms coming from other planets. One of the interpretations, there are many, could be : For flowers even death can look fascinating! Or: Death fulfills even more the basic need for reproduction, and therefore the "sexual organs" become main protagonists."