Caterina Bruzzone

Country: Italy 🇮🇹

Caterina Bruzzone born in Genoa, in 1971, and started getting interested in photography when she was just a child.
After attending some courses and having active collaborations with photographical studies, she moved onto professional photography, being active in Landscape, Travel, Architecture, Portrait and Ceremony categories, but she does not abandon personal creative research.
She dedicates in a particular way to landscape and seascapes, being the sea something she feels very close to, in which she tries to capture not only the beauty of the ambience and the magic of the lights, not only the strength of the waves and their movement fluence, but everything surrounding and embracing it too.
She spends a lot of time on his land, exploring the Ligurian coasts to capture even the most unknown glimpses, waiting for the time that will increase their beauty, often using a dramatic key.
She also dedicates to the wonderful Italian landscape (Alps, Tuscany, Puglia) but also to the French one, (in particular Provence, Corsica, the splendid places in the North, Brittany and Normandy: lands of fantastic cliffs, usually dominated by the characteristic lighthouses) , to the enchanting Atlantic coast of northern Spain and Portugal.
With her Black and White she tries to bring on an essential, graphic and contrasting interpretation.
Exibition and prize

2013: - personal exhibition at Scientia Antiquitatis, Milan
- collective exhibition at “ContemporaneaMente” at Satura, Genoa
2014: - collective exhibition at “Venti D'arte” at Satura, Milan and Genoa
- participation at “Satura International Contest”, Genoa
personal exhibition at XVII International Exhibition of Photography “Liguria, emotions on the sea” with Franco Fontana at Museum Tubino, Masone, Genoa
personal exhibition “Bretagna e Normandia” Sestri Ponente, Genoa
personal exhibition “The Sea and his Music” at Museum "Viadelcampo29rosso" Genoa
2015: - Finalist, exhibition at Biennial of Genoa
- personal exhibition “Seabeat” with "Polo della fotografia" of Genoa
2016: - collective exhibition at Rapallo's Castle “Landscapes and Perspectives”.
- personal exhibition at Palazzo Poli, San Pietro di Cadore “Spirits of the sea” for the Review "Author Images".
- collective exhibition at contemporary art exhibition “F”, Filanda di Salzano Venice
- collective exhibition at contemporary art exhibition “Mediterranean, the door of hope or shame” , Venice and Muggia
- collective exhibition contemporary art exhibition “Women is life” Humanistic Library, Milan.
2018: - Winner Sony National Award Italy 2018
Collective exibition Sony Awards in London, Somerset House, and Monza, Royal Palace.
Personal exhibition “Seabeat” at Museum Tubino, Masone, Genoa, Italy
2019: - Winner of RA.MO.GE prize, Montecarlo.
- Personal exhibition “Seabeat” at Photo Beijing 2019 with A.F.I.