Nelly Schneider

Country: Italy 🇮🇹

Born and raised in Rome, aside from four years she spends in New York to foster personal growth, she currently lives in the eternal city. She begins shooting regularly in 2013 wandering around her city, but it is only in 2019 though that she starts printing her own work making it public by offering it at the Wave Market Fair in Rome. Self-taught in digital photography, post processing and printing, and as an advocate of continuous education, she learns while experimenting. At the same time she frequently uses multiple exposures or other unconventional shooting methods that break the rules of photography to emphasize movement rather than documenting the harsh reality. In fact, she is not interested in representing reality as it is, her end purpose is to bring the observer somewhere they like, away from the everyday hassles, to convey their thoughts so that they can disconnect and find a place where to unwind. Here they stimulate their imagination triggered by their experiences, background and aspirations, so that they add something of their own in reading and completing the image.

> BBhome Luxury Loft, the homage and the hero collection, December 2021 - March 2022, Rome Italy
> Fény Lounge Bar, the homage and the hero collection, May - September 2021, Rome Italy
> Assemblea Testaccio, the homage and the hero collection, February 2021, Rome Italy
> Quintessenza Caffè Gourmet, the homage and the hero collection, December 2020, Rome Italy
> WEFO 2020, Fény Lounge Bar, the homage and the hero collection, October 2020, Rome Italy

> Artsharing Art Gallery, DIVO C, May 2022, Rome Italy
> Castelgandolfo and Pavona outdoors, Posta dell'Arte 2022, April 2022, Castel Gandolfo and Pavona, Italy
> Trento Art Festival, represented by the Artsharing Art Gallery, March 2022, online only
> Proloco Castel Gandolfo, Posta dell'Arte 2022, March 2022, Castel Gandolfo, Italy
> Studio Lab 138, Posta dell'Arte 2022, February - March 2022, Pavona, Italy
> Christine x Art Gallery, 20x20, October 2021, Sliema, Malta
> Passepartout Unconventional Gallery, Arte & Virtus, October 2020, Milan Italy
> Artsharing Art Gallery, r_esistiamo in galleria, September 2020, Rome Italy

> BM Art Gallery, available a few selected works, September 2021 - ongoing, Orvieto Italy
> Artsharing Art Gallery, regali solidali natale 2020 (donated two prints to support the gallery during Covid), December 2020, Rome Italy

> Wave Market Fair, arts and crafts fair, September 2021, Rome Italy
> Wave Market Fair, arts and crafts fair, October 2020, Rome Italy
> Wave Market Fair, arts and crafts fair, December 2019, Rome Italy

> prints held in private collections in Italy, Germany, UK, USA and Malta