Vignes Balasingam

Country: Malaysia 🇲🇾

Vignes Balasingam is the director of the OBSCURA Festival of Photography, and a curator and photographer based in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Vignes produced and co-edited Ian Teh’s third monograph, Confluence and the artistic director for we will have been young, a book publication and travelling exhibition featuring 12 emerging artists from Southeast Asia. He is also behind the OBSCURA Festival Artist In-residence Programme which is invested in producing photographic and literary works of cultural importance in the island of Penang, Malaysia. He has been invited to jury the POPCAP Prize for African Contemporary Photography, THE FENCE, The Kuala Lumpur International Photo Awards and is nominator for the World Press Photo’s Joop Sward Masterclass and the 6 x 6 Global Talent Programme. He has also curated for the Chennai Photo Biennale, Photo Zurich 17, the Jeon-ju Photo Festival, South Korea.