Dimpy Bhalotia

Country: India 🇮🇳

Dimpy Bhalotia is an autodidactic hodophile fine art street photographer. After completing her schooling from Bombay, she moved to London to pursue a bachelor's degree in Fashion. Having worked in the fashion and interior’s industry for many years with renowned designers in London, she found her love in street photography, and she believes the black and white medium found its love in her. She has won more than 15 awards and has exhibited in more than 9 countries. She was named as the best street photographer of 2019. She sees the world in monochrome and finds art in the extraordinary details of the seemingly ordinary life on streets. She believes the universe is a piece of art and so is every soul and street. It is this inspiration that makes photography her 'fitoor' (passionate obsession). She travels the globe cutting across hills, deserts and seas shooting to capture natural predilection for unpredictable, larger than life movements lending visual and emotional excitement in her photographs. To her, street photography is her visual lexicon which has no smokescreen. It's the utmost truth of what is happening around us that she loves capturing with staggering intellect in black and white which is the most de-cluttered version of her world. She strives to make that state of mind magnetic for her viewers, encouraging people to step back from technology to appreciate their lived experience and spread the message of hope, love, energy and freedom through her photographs.