Alexandru Crisan

Country: Romania 🇷🇴

Alexandru Crișan is an award-winning Romanian visual artist specialized in art photography. He received his first film camera when he was 12 years old, and, over a quarter of a century later, still has an unapologetic penchant for the B&W prints. An architect by formal education and practice, his professional career in photography began in 2008. Since then, he has focused on concluding art projects, a direct result of compulsive visual disquisitions on impromptu portraiture, architectural representations, by using parametric manipulations, supported by “hybrid storytelling” and evocative conservationism. Most of his long-term, open-ended photographic series - such as "Impossible Worlds" (2010- ), "Minimal White / Minimal Black" (2012- ) - are meditations on loci and human perceptions. The research on and within photography gradually afforded him a surreal vision of immateriality. Since 2015, he developed “meta-projects”: “Erotoarchitecture”, “Metropoesis”, “Asylum (in nuce)”, “Impossible Architectures”, “Hortus Conclusus” under the compelling awareness and obsessive exploration of otherness and self. Latest visual projects: "Lost Highway / My Car is Your Avatar" (2014- ), “Alex transcends the Balkans for a Bottle of Perfume”, can be described as tormenting several stages of a hyperrealist mise en abyme.
Crișan's works have been presented in over a dozen international exhibitions, have been published in over 30 peer-reviewed magazines, and have received several international awards and nominations (for details, see His fine art photography prints are part of several privately owned collections and art galleries.