Rafael G.

Country: Portugal 🇵🇹

Always having the portrait and representation of the body as a backdrop through photography, my interest, and consequent research, is based on concepts of Identity, collective memory and intangible cultural Heritage; how these three concepts can be interrelated, and how they are subjected and susceptible to the increasingly vertiginous changes and tensions that globalization has imposed and continues to impose on them. In 2019 I started the materialization of portrait work bodies in the expectation of helping a reflection on these themes

Born in 1977, I graduated in Photography from IADE (Faculty of Design, Technology and Communication) in 1999, and since then I have been collaborating with the Portuguese press as a free-lancer photographer, making almost exclusively portraiture. Over these years I have also collaborated with Angolan, Brazilian and German publications.
In 2003 I enrolled in the Anthropology course at the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences at Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

In 2019 I studied Aesthetics and History of Contemporary Art at the National Society of Fine Arts, in Lisbon.