Sohel Ahmed

Country: Bangladesh 🇧🇩

I am Sohel Ahmed from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I have completed my Engineering and currently pursuing MBA. Photography first captured my imagination when I was in my undergrad. The first camera I ever bought was mainly for traveling purpose, but I started to grow more interest in it gradually. I started to look at a lot of street and travel photographs, and started to get more interest about composition and momentum of different photographs.

In the beginning, I was into street and travel photography, but later on, I got interested in wedding photography, where I had the opportunity to work with moments, and started to work on composition. I joined some of my seniors from the university to start a company named “Reels and Stories” where I got the opportunity to work passionately. My photograph has been featured in many international sites and national dailies. I have been awarded in many international competition like International Photography Awards, Pink Lady food photographer of the year, Lightsflare. Some of my photographs has been published in 121clicks, Lensculture, PROWED.

I have always believed in a quote by David Alan Harvey” Don’t shoot what it looks like, shoot what it feels like”. To me, photography is a medium to express myself. I am able to channel all my emotions and inner creativity and express it through my photographs. Steve McCurry, Alex Webb, Vivian Maier are few among many of my inspirations.

About photography the best feeling for me is when I’m able to bring out someone’s emotion when they look at one of my photographs, be it a smile, tears, or nostalgia. My desire is that when someone looks at a photo taken by me after 10 years, the memories come hurrying back as if it was yesterday, and so does the emotion.