Jacqueline Hammer

Country: Australia 🇦🇺

Jacqueline Hammer is a passionate creative photographer living in Cairns, Australia. A busy mother of four, photography has had to fit around family life. Starting out in nature photography, she moved on to abstract, creative and conceptual photoart. Her learning path has been one of experimentation with techniques and ideas, primarily for enjoyment, photographic competition and self-improvement.

She has had success in numerous national and international competitions, gained distinctions with the Australian Photographic Society and FIAP, been published in photography and art magazines, given talks, workshops, and judged at local and national level.

Jacqueline has a passion to create, whether it be a tabletop still life, macro abstract or a conceptual composite in Photoshop. There is often an element of mystery and intrigue, when the viewer tries to work out what or where the subject is, or perhaps a touch of humour to make the viewer smile.