Carlo Traini

Country: Italy 🇮🇹

Born in 1964, I was first attracted by photography in 1985. Few years later, in 2000, I would stop taking photos altogether, I still managed to bring forward and mature a personal journey and research through very few B/W rolls, some polaroids and after several meetings with an iconic photographer of the 20th century (Mr. Mario Giacomelli).
With the arrival of the smartphone, I became passionate about photography again, for me to develop research aimed at recording 'the now' of everyday emotions, abandoning the investigation of 'the instant'.
In 2019, the American photographer Larry Fink prompted me to reinterpret my photography; the new awareness acquired leads me to realise my photobook "Promenade, Pathos and Irony in Costume", in summer 2020.
In 2021 Bruce Gilden chose my Promenade for the 'Real people' photobook, a tribute to his career.
In 2023 in RPS – Royal Photographic Society (Bristol - GB) welcomed the images of the photographic project “Revealed identities”.