Carlo Traini

Country: Italy 🇮🇹

Born in 1964, I was first attracted by the Arts during military service; an attraction later developed into a curious fascination for painting and photography only after 1985.
Though that first creative impulse revealed itself to be shortlived - just a few years later, in 1997, I would stop taking photos altogether with my old camera, I still managed to bring forward and mature a personal journey and research through very few B/W rolls, some polaroids and my meeting with an iconic photographer of the 20th century.
I have no intention of merely illustrate what's out there; I instead always try to write sudden, abrupt stories with my photos and my smartphone allows me to do just that.
I call them "photoequivalences" since my pictures spawn just from what little free will you're still able to have left and the dichotomy between my inner chaos and myself - all of this without forgetting my everlasting metaphysical research.