Pingyao Song

Country: China 🇨🇳

A member of Royal Photographic Society, Sichuan Photographers Association, Sichuan Calligraphers Association. His photos has won several awards at photo competitions, Silver Medal at 7th Olympic Photo Circuit 2019; GIP Medal and honorable mention at German International Photocup 2019; Honorable Mention at 8th International Circuit "March 8 Photography" 2020 Montevarchi; Best Photo and gold medal at 23 Grand Tour Delle Colline. Besides, his photos has been included in photo festivals in China, Pingyao International Photo Festival 2017; ¡°Camel Bell on Silk Road¡± 1st China Naiman International Photo and Culture Festival Exhibition 2018; Chinese Life and Culture Exhibition in Germany in 2019. Besides, a few of photos were accepted in photo competitions, including the Al-Thani Award for Photography 2014; Eastern European Circuit ¨C 2016; 2nd "NEW Bi - Continental Photo Circuit 2016"; Trierenberg Super Circuit 2017 among many others.