Abdulla Al-mushaifri

Country: Qatar 🇶🇦

Abdullah Al-Mushaifri (Sony Alpha ambassador) is an Omani photographer born in 1980. He started his journey with photography in 2012, when he decided to leave filmmaking and switch to photography, where he found his passion for photography attracting him to travel around the world to learn about people’s cultures and traditions. In a short time, Abdullah was able to put his name among the most promising talents in the Arab region through his remarkable presence and his achievement.

He gained international recognition by winning several international contests and awards at 54 different countries in multiple categories. His successful career attracted the worldwide photographic clubs to offer him a membership, and thus he became a member of many photographic clubs, ranging from the Arabian Gulf, France, Serbia, Romania, USA, and China. Besides, he followed his passion for photography by providing various workshops and lectures locally and internationally. Moreover, aiming to contribute to the development of photography In the Middle East, Al-Mushaifri reaches out to all the photos’ lovers in the region, by dedicating free photography lessons on a weekly basis in his Instagram page @almushaifri (IGTV).

Al-Mushaifri is well known by his style of photography, as he believes that the photographer should not limit his passion to one style, nevertheless he/she must enjoy the aesthetics of photography, and take the largest number of photos in any axis and at any time.