Ana Joveva

Country: Macedonia 🇲🇰

Ana Joveva is MSc. Engineer Architect and Designer and Professional Photographer. She has more than 25 years experience, working on different public buildings projects and establishing interiors and brands of public space. Last 10 years she is working as a consultant and expert for new public hospital building projects in the Middle East and her own country. She obtained her experience in few countries such as Israel, Switzerland, Germany, and Kuwait. Her passions are modern engineering trends in architecture, digital photography and professional playing the piano.
Her work was published in some local and international magazines and one of those is International Art Photography “Lens Magazine” Masters in B&W competition The Big Black and White issue no. 80, May 2021.
She started with photography as a hobby when she was in primary school. She fulfilled her passion to photography with finishing Digital Art Photography and Digital Painting training in the Middle East. She has a chance to learn photography from different photographers, when in 2017 she decided to participate in a photography contest and saloons and show her work.
Her preferred fields are Architecture, Abstracts, mix between light, shape, shadows, reality and imagination. She likes to experiment and discover new techniques - unique moment of silence, colors, shadows and white contrast. In the field of photography she is concentrating on the impact of time, and in way where she shapes photography discovering unknown areas full of stories and emotion, sadness, happiness and hope.

She is mother of one daughter, and wife of Head of State University clinic for Cardiac and Thoracic Surgery, Professor and Surgeon Dr. Sasko Jovev.

Moto: Forget everything; just do not forget you are humanity!

She receives more than 750 acceptances, and many awards in international FIAP and PSA contest. She received many other international awards such as ND Bronze award winner, IPA nominations, 6-th and 7 FAPA nomination, Colour Awards, Black and white, Spider award, Px3 Prix de la Photography Paris and many, many more.
Currently she has a volunteer position in Photography Society of America as part ESD for Balkans Region.

“My advice in general is that people should take their passions for what ever it is all the way. Decide what it is that really interest you and then take it as far as it can go. That’s my life with architecture, photography, humanity and music, piano and sounds.”