Kazuaki Koseki

Country: Japan 🇯🇵

1977 born in Yamagata, Japan.
His work is devoted to the landscape of Yamagata and Tohoku, Japan. Evoking the five senses through the four seasons, he photographs the world—weaving the mountains, the forests, and the rivers together.

I was born in Yamagata, Japan, to a family that runs a photo studio that takes family photos and portraits.
He has been familiar with photography since he was a child, and now he continues to photograph the nature of Yamagata and Tohoku while continuing to photograph people at the photo studio.
This is because I became familiar with fly fishing from 20s and naturally felt awe.
This is to convey and protect the many problems that I have felt while walking in mountains, forests and rivers, such as "nature that changes due to Global warming" and "environmental problems".

He has won numerous awards in overseas photo competitions, has been selected twice as the competition visual of the world's largest photography online magazine Lensculture in 2019, and has been included in the online version of National Geographic