Photo © Sina Kelvani

1st classified

The Sound of Solitude
by Eric Politzer

Cuba has one of the best arts, especially performing arts, education systems in the world. This is fitting, as music always has suffused the air wherever you go in Cuba. This photo captures the type of musical excellence you can find in a concert hall being played in a defunct Ha...

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Runner up

Visual Symphonic
by Amber Griffin

The cohesive combination of individual artists unifying to form a visual depiction of the intensely majestic synthesis of our national Symphony Orchestra.

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Highly commended

Madonna Litta V
by Peyman Naderi

The collection is a tribute to the famous British cellist Jacqueline du Pré, who died at a young age. In this series, I have tried not to see the female face at first, so that the viewer's perception remains without judgment, and when she begins to see the rest of the photograph...

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