András Dobi

Country: Germany 🇩🇪

András Dobi, is a Germany based fine art photographer, born in Hungary. András comes from the field of performing arts as he was educated as a professional ballet dancer. As part of his art education he studied contemporary dance, fine arts, art history, philosophy and film aesthetics among other art related subjects. After his professional dance career, he applied his artistic experience to fine art photography. Since he participated as a performer in various forms of performing arts and installations, he strongly believes in mixed media art format. The process of András' creative work is always starts with the concept creation. He uses different methods to develop the right foundation for the individual images or series. In the last two years, the main focus of his artistic work was around one theme, creating imagery that is not visible for the naked eye. He studied and developed unique photographic methods to achieve a singular aesthetics. Often using a combination of moving subjects, remote flash and even camera movements during one single shot. All these elements make his images look abstract and formalist at the same time.

In 2020, András Dobi was a finalist for the Siena Creative Photo award. He is the recipient of international photo awards such as Fine Art Photography Awards, International Photo Awards, ND Awards, among others. In 2021, within an artistic collaboration, he was a co-author of the performance book titled Variation on the represented. This project was shortlisted at Belfast Photo Festival in 2022. Most recently, András become one of the 5 recipients of the Global Fujifilm GFX Challenge Grant.