Nuelle Flipse

Country: Netherlands šŸ‡³šŸ‡±

My name is Nuelle Flipse, born in 1971 and I life in the Netherlands. and I started photography when I got my first dog 11 years ago. Her name is Zoƫ and she is a Whippet. She is always with me and never leaves my side. My photography is completely focussed on dogs. In my photography I try to bring my own emotions and interpretation of the moment back in my photo's. Hoping the viewer will see what I've seen, feel what I felt in that specific moment.
I am a self-taught photographer. I learned by trail and error. Made lots of mistakes until I finally was happy with some photos. From there I started to develop my own style. My style is characterised by exploring the human aspects recognisable in each dog. Iā€™m trying to make photos that are unique, funny and with a lot of expression and emotion. My work is recognisedĀ by theĀ special use of light. I useĀ the light like in an oldĀ painting trying toĀ bend and shape it the way I love. I love soft light but still making sure the dog attractsĀ all the attention. It makes my Dog models look at their best! OutdoorĀ I work with natural light only.
Itā€™s fantastic to have the opportunity as a dog photographer to meet all kind of dogs who come to my photo-studio or I photograph outdoors.
Iā€™m intrigued by light. Inside my photo studio or outdoors. I love to bend the light, work the light and make it my own. I always try my best too not just take a photo of a dog but to capture the feeling and character hidden within.
In my photographs I always love to tell a small story so there is lots to look at.
My overall vision is; always stay close to yourself and the dog in front of the lens. I believe you make the best photos when you take photos not just with your camera and lens but most of all with your whole heartā€¦