Norman Tacchi

Country: Italy 🇮🇹

Norman Tacchi

Born in Rivoli (Turin - Italy) on 1971; he lives and works in Val di Susa where he manage his photo studio since 1995.

He attended the first photography course at the experimental elementary school. Since there, the love for this art never left him.

After high school, and military service as a photographer, he started working in the world of photography full time; dealing the image from creation to printing.

He strongly follows the need reading in his images the emotions of the portrayted subjects, in particular he prefers the female portrait, both in studio that outside, looking for the absence of a built pose. Anyone can be a subject, anyone can communicate, provided they want to express themselves together with something of themselves.
This is his role: to become an accomplice to the communication skills of those photograph, capture their favorite aspects and harmonize them with each other.
He feels himself the one who interprets, through images, the only an unrepeatable moments.

Awards winner of several national and international prizes including:
selected for Expo Milan 2016 and Biennale of Art in Florence 2019, winner of BancaMediolanum award 2019, WPE Silver award 2019 and finalist in Dubai Expo exhibition 2020.
Among his exhibitions: PhotoWeek Milan, Museo degli Innocenti Florence, ArtFair Genova, C.A.R. Essen (Germany), Brasov Romania and Beijing China